What is Biblical Justice?

When we talk about justice, we're talking about the kind of justice we read about in the Bible, or what we call Biblical Justice. Biblical justice is an overarching vision of right relationships in society. As a network of churches, we invest our time and resources to heal race relations, care for the orphan and the widow, and alleviate poverty, all in the name of Jesus. We partner with a number of different movements and organizations that work towards the flourishing of all people in society.

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Peoples Church Justice Team

We have a group of our members who serve on our Justice Team. The Justice Team's primary concern is education, support, and advocacy, for servant leaders in Biblical and Racial Justice in Peoples Church Network and our communities.

 If you're interested in joining the Justice Team or want to find out more, email the team at Justice@peopleschurch.co.

Our Mission Field 

To imitate God's passion to defend those vulnerable to abuse, neglect, or exploitation. 

How We Serve 

Coaching and Training

We curate and create the training and educational resources to help justice ministers and interested laity to develop and grow in Biblical Justice subject matter, and Ministry Organization and effectiveness. 

Justice Advocates

A Justice Team member will be assigned to a justice minister or organization and provide prayer, mentorship, advocacy, and connection to justice team support. 

Support Grants 

We make grants to justice-serving organizations and or leaders whose work seeks the equitable treatment for all, with an emphasis on the welfare of the poor, the widow, the orphan, the foreigner, and the socially oppressed. Grants are available as one time gift or  a monthly support for up to 24 months. For more information, email Rodney Swope at Justice@peopleschurch.co